Friday, April 04, 2008

Take my closet-Please!

Seriously, I just decided to find something cute to wear tonight to the play we're going to see. Unfortunately, I was only able to go shopping in my closet, so I came up empty handed. It has suddenly turned cold, so I was forced to turn to the long-sleeved side of my closet and nearly everything there is about 3-5 years old and either totally outdated or I'm sick to death of it. And most of the stuff is too big to boot. I decided to ask Tim's opinion on some of the stuff and he liked the stuff I hated and vice versa. So I am wearing my boring brown sweater which I like because it is very flattering (aka makes me look really thin). But that's about it. I may wear my new sandals with it just because I want to have something interesting thrown in. Although I'm sure that a sweater with sandals is breaking all sorts of fashion rules. I must find time to go shopping. Although last time I did that all I found was two tank tops, so I don't old much hope out for that either.

Blah, what a boring post.


Kate said...

How are you for cute hot weather clothes in your size? It will be hot again in 3 minutes.

Sorry. It sucks when your closet is full of nothing that works and then shopping is a bust as well.

Tara said...

You should probably also wear some pants, or a skirt... just my opinion.