Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Bad Day Gets Worse

It's always the bad days that last forever, isn't it? Topping off a day where Stella acted like a stereotypical two-year-old all day and we didn't make it to the park because:
1) The phone rang after I'd already set the alarm. Because my child can't resist picking up a ringing phone, we answered it and I had to disarm and rearm the alarm.
2) I couldn't remember the code for the garage and could not get the stroller.
3) I went inside to go into the garage from the house and Stella refused to put on shoes.

We had later adventures like Roxie peeing on Stella's floor and then sitting on it because her back legs had suddenly failed. Her legs are now working again, although they are shaky and she's unsteady.

The topper is that Tim is at some Austin Scriptworks talk with playwrights and assured me he'd be home at 7, same time he usually is. Well he just called and even though it was supposed to start at 5:30, it was just starting at 6:25. So who has any clue what time he'll even be home. Like I said, the worst days are always the longest! All I can say that any hope of leaving the bottle of wine we have unopened until tomorrow are pretty much zero.

And Stella just decided she wanted to pound on my chest with her little fists. That hurt like hell. (Don't worry, we don't condone hitting in this house, she's been reprimanded.)


Tara said...

A bottle a day keeps mommy okay. Or at least that's what I've always heard.

yer mama said...

hahaha, I like that one Tara! Is that a bottle of wine or a bottle of xanax? Or both?