Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's Just Camp in the Backyard

Tim and I are finally trying to plan the vacation we've been talking about for months now. The 2nd choice vacation that we are doing because we can't afford to go to Mexico. And it is just not happening. Tim wanted to go to Big Bend/Marfa and I was leaning towards South Padre, but still had Big Bend/Marfa on the list. Then Tim started researching Big Bend and there was a page called "How Not to Die in the Desert". Yeah, that finally scared both of us into saying that perhaps this is not the vacation for us. At least not this trip out. I looked at places in South Padre, although no where was really jumping out at me, and Tim is now looking at Oklahoma City. Yes THAT Oklahoma City. The one in Oklahoma. We could go to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Whee. Tim picked it because he said there are a lot of Mid-Century Modern homes, which I also remember my father saying. Yes, my father was trying to get us to go to Oklahoma City. But I cannot honestly imagine telling people that I went to Oklahoma City on my vacation. That is the lamest. A guy who was my age (24) who worked with me when I worked for the Dragon Lady lived with his elderly parents and they all went to Oklahoma City to go to the Memorial on their vacation. LAME!
So I'd hoped to at least plan where we were going tonight and ideally know where we were staying. Especially since we're planning to go in just a little over 2 weeks. But obviously that is not going to happen. ARGH!
I guess this is the problem when you're picking your 5th choice for vacation and you aren't really enthusiastic about anything. Perhaps we should just save the money and stay home.


yer mama said...

If I was willing to drive to OK City I think I would just keep driving and go to Colorado. Or New Mexico. My mom lived in OK City and says it is actually really beautiful.

Kate said...

Not such a huge fan of OKC, but my in-laws live close by. Enough said. But seriously, not a lot to do. Tulsa's the place for art deco, but that's a little early.

Go to Fort Davis and see the McDonald Observatory. It's freaking gorgeous out there and not desert.

Josh said...

The memorial is truly breathtaking. I consider myself a manly man but found myself with watery eyes and a lump in my throat when we stopped at the memorial a few years ago on the way home from Thanksgiving with Elise's family.

That said, it's worth seeing if you're passing through. Otherwise, Oklahoma is just kinda OK.

Kate said...

Ryan's response about what to do in OKC: "Cowboy Hall of Fame. Really."