Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Who would steal from a 2-year-old?

The people who live in our old house, apparently. Unfortunately Stella's wishlist was tied to our old address, but we didn't realize it until my best friend Sarah emailed me to ask if Stella had gotten her present. After much research we discovered it was sent to our old address. So I sent a letter to the occupants (the guy who bought our house rented it out, so I can't find their phone number or anything), a week ago asking if they could call or email me and I'd come pick the present up. Nothing. So I guess they just decided to keep it. Nice. At least I know that their karma is currently taking a terrible hit.


Kate said...

Forget karma, I expect a huge hole to open up in the ground so that they fall directly into hell.

Can Amazon help? Say it was never received? Not technically lying.

Oh, and now who's falling into a hot place? =)

K in the Mirror said...

That happened to me when Kate sent G a present one time- it went to our neighbors two doors down who are Vietnamese and only the six year old speaks any english. I went over there and knocked on the door and they gave me the present, which they had totally opened and rifled through because they had no idea what it was or where it was supposed to go.

You might go over there and see if they have it.

Sarah said...

This is Sarah everyone...I have to give Amazon LOTS of kudos - they jumped all over it and I had my money refunded less than 24 hours after I sent an email explaining the situation. So, now I owe my Stella an extra present next time I see her. :o) And I am thoroughly disgusted with the people living at the old house - unless they happen to have a 2-year-old, I can't imagine it was a gift they'd want. ::Sigh:: I hope there's a special section of Hell for people like that.

Loni said...

There's no chance that maybe they just sent it back?

Kate said...

Or they could be like me and just lazy. I got our neighbor's InStyle magazine and I had it right by the door for about 3 weeks. I finally took it with me when I went for a run and stuffed it in their mailbox. I bet they wondered where it came from. And in my defense, it was about three blocks away. So, in my neighborhood, 500 ft. away =)

Also, I did NOT read it. Even though I wanted to. REALLY wanted to.