Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Push it Down!

Yep, that's not working anymore, as in Hank Hill's advice to a heartbroken Luanne after her boyfriend either broke up with her or died, "you need to swallow all that pain." And then Luanne says "but it still hurts" and so Hank says "just push it down further." Or something to that effect, I don't remember the exact quote. But I'm a Texan and that's what I'm trying to do with this little bit of trauma.

Roxie's dying. She can't walk anymore. Tim has a post about the details if you care to be filled in. We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow afternoon. And I think it's going to be THE appointment. I'm dealing with it by not thinking about it or dealing with it. I've talked about her dying in the abstract for so long that now that it's probably finally going to happen, I can't believe it. She looks pitiful and I really don't want to her to go through pain anymore, although at the same time I feel guilty even considering putting her to sleep. But she can't walk. And she has trouble standing upright. So I can't believe that can be any kind of life to live for a dog. Damn, getting old sucks.


Kate said...

I'm so sorry, honey. Just because it's the right thing doesn't mean it doesn't hurt like crazy.

I'm sending hugs and Tilly sends wet sloppy kisses.

Sarah said...

Oh, honey, I am so sorry...this is so hard to go through. Remember, if this is THE visit, she's going to a better place where she won't be in any pain anymore. Something we've discovered is that other animals in the house will go through grief stages...so be sure to give Lucy lots and lots of love. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.