Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Getting all the ducks in a row

So we're only TWO DAYS away from our little mini-vacay to Houston and Galveston and I'm making sure everything is ready. Currently I'm getting my oil changed and and my 30,000 mile service (thanks for the wireless, Lamb's!), and I'm just overjoyed that everything is in good shape and the whole kit n' kaboodle should only be about $110. I'm sure glad I didn't get the service done last time I had my oil changed because that guy quoted me about $200. Same place. Seems a little fishy to me. After I get my oil changed, I'm getting a free neck trim so that my hair will also be ready to go on vacation. Ideally I'd like to get the mountain of car crumbs vaccuumed out of my car as well, but there are only so many hours in the day.

I hit the Priceline for our Houston hotel and, lucky me, got the one hotel which my sister-in-law described as "old and cruddy" and which had bad reviews on Trip Advisor. ROCK! Tim, my favorite optimist, says, "maybe we'll get one of the remodeled rooms and it will be really nice." Unlikely. At least we got a good deal, which is good because the parking is $25 a day! Although I read a Trip Advisor tip from someone who parked in a lot for $6.50 and just walked two blocks to the hotel. That's probably what we'll do because $25 a day is ridiculous! Oh, well, I've always had good luck with Priceline in the past, I was due for a dud.

The woman across from me looks like my late Great Aunt Viney. She has the super-super short tight curly hair, glasses and the severe expression. But she's wearing jeans and a t-shirt and Aunt Viney always wore these dresses that looked like they came out of a dustbowl-era photograph. And did you know that there is a cartoon that is Scooby Doo but they're all kids? Just saw that as well because they had cartoons on for the little girl who was here. She's gone now, so it's back to CNN and Hillary Clinton droning on.

I am So Sick of this primary. Please, for the love of Pete, just drop out Hillary so we can move on with our lives. I can't stand either of them, quite frankly. I mean, did you know that they both went on WWE? Are we really at that point now, they have to stage a cartoon wrestling match to appeal to wrestling-fans? I mean, come on! I think that's frankly insulting to wrestling fans, like they don't pay attention to politics unless it's on their entertainment? Please!

Oh, man she's talking about how Iraq has a blank check and we need to end that and make them stand up on their own. Uh, they wouldn't have these freakin' problems if WE DIDN'T INVADE THEM! We can't just abandon them, WTF?! Grr.

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