Thursday, August 30, 2007

Failing miserably at being frugal

We have been failing miserably at being frugal lately. Once we got the offer on the house for some reason we just decided that it was time to spend money like it was going out of style. I keep having to transfer money out of savings, the money we are supposed to be saving for our house, to spend on everyday stuff and everytime I mutter, "where the hell did it all go?" And so I ran a cash flow report in Quicken yesterday so that I could answer this question rather than it being rhetorical. Damn you Quicken. We have spent $648 on EATING OUT THIS MONTH ALONE! Can you believe it? How do you even do that? It's not like we're going to Ruth Chris' every night or something? Tim was like, "well, we did take some friends out to dinner one night..." Ah, yes, that's it, we must have spent 100's of dollars on our modest little dinner at Freddie's. But unfortunately that only accounts for 1/10th of the dining out figure. Oh, yeah, and we bought both Tim and I laptops in the last month. And we did spend about $450 on repairs to the old house. So I guess my question is answered. We should have oodles of money saved towards the new house by now. We don't. So now is the time. Bootstraps must be tightened. Belts must be tightened. Dinners must be prepared at home. I am DETERMINED to have the entire 20% down payment saved by the time our house is built, so help me God!

Oh, well, yeah, we're going on vacation, but other than that, FRUGALITY WILL REIGN SUPREME!

And I need to buy some organizers for the bathroom, but after that, CHEAPNESS RETURNS TO THE LAND!

Or maybe I just believe if I type this up here, I'll feel that I have to do it.

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Umm... I went out to lunch today. I was really hungry.