Monday, August 13, 2007

Another night at home

So yesterday the reason it was 1 million degrees here was that the A/C was broken! So we went to the old house to sleep last night since it was about 86 degrees upstairs when it was time to put Stella down for bed last night. Luckily, I'd left the air mattress in the office closet (so glad we missed it!), so we packed up the dogs, the pack n' play and some bedding and diapers and headed back home. Stella was really wound up so it took us a while to get her to sleep, but once she settled down we watched "Monster Squad" on my laptop on the floor in the living room while drinking some tasty beers. Another stroke of luck: I'd accidentally left a knife on the kitchen counter, so I was able to cut up a lime for my Dos Equis. Rock!

We came back over here this morning so Tim could shower and go to work, and it seems that the A/C is working again. The filter was filthy (it was my suggestion they check it; I so love it when I can help identify the source of a problem), and the A/C guy said that often if it gets all clogged up, you have to turn it off overnight and in the morning it will work again. It seems to be working, at the very least it is cooling down, so that is awesome!

I'm kind of looking forward to cleaning the old house out. It's a bit of a challenge to get all those last minute things out and clean a blank slate. I know it's sick but there is a part of me that actually enjoys cleaning. It's a great stress reliever. I am very conscious of abusing Tim's Mom though in terms of having her watch Stella some more. I think I may just see if she's cool with watching her for an hour or two a day and I'll get a little done each day. Luckily I won't have anything at the old house to distract me from getting things done!

We're also going to splurge and pay the nice lesbeterian couple with a lawn business across the street from Tim's parents to mow our lawn one last time. It's $40, but our lawn is pretty out of control, we no longer have an edger because it broke, and I'm pretty sure Tim would really appreciate not having an added stress. We have plenty to do without worrying about that!

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