Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Maybe Private school isn't so bad after all...

Holy shit, did you see this?

Rick Perry has appointed a creationist to head the state board of education. If they start teaching that in science class, I actually will be tempted to put my child in the dreaded private school. I mean, do we want all Texan school children to be laughed out of Biology 101 when they go to college and try to explain that they don't know a damn thing about Darwin and think that the world was created by an old guy with a long beard and a flowy robe a few thousand years ago? Great idea! Hey, assholes, if your faith can't stand up to a little science, perhaps it ain't so strong, huh?!

I used a large number of expletives in that post, more than my usual number, but few things get my dander up more than not teaching evolution or sex ed in schools. With this clown, I'm sure we'll get a lot less of both. I already expect I'll have to teach sex ed at home, but evolution? I certainly don't have the credentials to teach that!


dmd said...

We don't teach that in Bio as it is anyway. We teach Darwin, but more about Natural Selection and mutations. We never get into the beginning of life.
My degree is in anthropology and I'm not completely sold on evolution as the start of all things. I don't think creationism should be taught in schools, but if you really study the evolution of man, you'll begin to see that its a lot less scientific than it seems.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'll be honest, I never paid attention in science and I don't know a damn thing about Darwin. I have no idea which theory they tried to teach me in school, because I just didn't care.
Which is why I never get involved in these discussions. :) I know too little to form a proper argument.

I will say that I think it's important to know about all the different theories so that you can actually FORM a proper argument! And that the private Christian school that Gillian's babysitter goes to is teaching evolution alongside creationism for exactly the reasons you mentioned- they need to know about it so they don't get laughed out of college.