Sunday, September 02, 2007

House, house, aren't you tired of hearing about my house?

I know you are, but I'm going to blog about it anyway. So we drove on the roads Thursday night and it was awesome! We couldn't go in any houses since they've started locking the ones up that are past the framing stage, although that's good to know that they are protected. We heard from Jamie Friday that our framing materials are due to be dropped Tuesday and then they will begin framing our house! Excitement begins anew. We spent some time Thursday evening walking around and looking in the windows of houses. It is going to be such a nice neighborhood. It's so quiet. Even though you can see Manchaca, you can't hear it at all, and there's only a little bit of traffic noise (I assume) from Westgate. The trees in our backyard are just so beautiful. I counted like 10 trees and most of them are quite tall and big. I can't wait to watch our house being built!

So now that our house is going to actually be a reality instead of just a dream, we are, as I mentioned earlier, going into full-on saving mode. I had time this afternoon while everyone else took naps to do a budget, and if we stick to my not-incredibly tight budget, we will be within a $1,000 and change of our downpayment if our house is ready November 1st. That's assuming we get $5k for Tim's car, which I think is doable, but you never know what will happen. If our house is ready later than November 1st (which I'm sure it will be), and if we are just a little bit more frugal with our budget, I think we can get that extra money. I know that we can do a 2nd mortgage for that little amount (we're already approved for one), but I really want to avoid all those fees!

Wow, I'm turning this into some sort of finances blog, how boring, sorry! Perhaps I should spin off and do a separate blog for my budgeting woes like Kelli did with her food blog.

That's all for now. Stella's asleep and I need to get her up and waking Tim up so we can go off to Karen and Jennie's party!

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Marsha said...

No way!

Don't stop blogging about the things that are most important to you today. Talk about your finances and house-building process. Sure some may bored with such issues, but how may other young couples(of any gender) may read some of your experieces and empower them to make some good changes themselves.

I know where you are coming from in maybe taking house stuff to another topic-specific one. I know, because I have been worried that cancer would overshadow the blog for awhile if not just my whole life. I think my blog is a decent represetative of who I am as a preson. If take out the cancer entrys to a new bog, I just think it would not be faithful to my whole story.

So Blog away on the new house, I am living vicariusly.