Friday, August 24, 2007


My mother-in-law has kidnapped my child again. I am supposed to be in-route over to Ashley's for the ladies lunch which is in 12 minutes, but I can't leave because I don't have my daughter. I left for Weight Watchers about an hour and fifteen minutes ago and she asked if she could take Stella for a walk. I stupidly said yes. I got back about 13 minutes ago and they were still gone for the walk. Even though she KNEW that I was going to lunch today and that I also have closing, PLUS we're going to Houston, so I need to stay on schedule. And Ashley was so sweet and is making me a special WW lunch.

oh, they're finally back! Speaking of WW, I lost 2.4 more pounds, so 21 total. Whoo!

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Kate said...


Great about the weight loss, though!