Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Damn you Tropical Storm Erin and your rain! So this rain has cooled things off (I assume it's cooled things off, I haven't been outside yet today), but it puts more delays on the building of roads for our new neighborhood! And it ruined a bunch of boxes we had outside that we were trying to get rid of. I just found out today that Laurie needs boxes, too! Man, if only I'd sent an email out to my friends instead of just Craig's List and Austin Mama where apparently no one needs free moving boxes. Sigh.

I have been looking on the MLS again (bad Julie!) and found a house that has an absolutely gorgeous setting. Lots of trees, a really cool kid's playscape, and it backs up to the Karst Goat Preserve. As a bonus, it is significantly cheaper than the house we are building. I had all but decided to call Paul, our realtor, and have him take us over there. Then I drove by it. It is rather cute, but the neighborhood is quite fugly. Then I started thinking about whether I wanted my house to back up to a public park and started having irrational fears of burglars and kidnappers hopping over the chainlink fence to snatch my valuables or my child. So I kind of put the kibbosh on that. Night before last Tim and I walked around his parent's neighborhood and it's really quite cute. There are some cute houses for sale that I also checked out online. But they are still smaller than the house we're building, even though a lot of them are cheaper, and, the kicker, they don't have trees. Our new house will have trees out the wazoo. I'm just getting impatient. I have to keep tallying in my head how much money we are going to save living here. It's hard when you have so much time before your house is finished and you are living with your in-laws. Your eye starts to wander. You start to look at other houses with moving on your mind.

I need to cool my jets. We don't even have all the money saved up for a downpayment yet. It's just hard when you have no clue when your house is going to be ready!

Ah, the Stella's awake, better go get her.


Kate said...

Nothing wrong with a roving eye. Just remember the things you want (trees). I'm hoping that whatever house you end up with, it's lovely and big and has lots of trees. And you can move sooner rather than later.

I don't have anything helpful to say about patience, since I am the world's most impatient person.

yer mama said...

I would avoid Maple Run. Even if you have a cute house there are so many rentals and then you have to drive down brodie and see those yucky duplexes. It gets depressing. Although the easy access to mopac is AWESOME.