Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let's Go Crazy

I need to get out more. I just went to Target and bought two of the same pair of shoes. Well, they ARE different colors at least. I bought these in silver and black. They were just so cute. And I still have birthday money from over two months ago burning a hole in my pocket. So I got both. So I now have THREE pairs of ballet flats: leopard print, silver, and black. Even I see how excessive this is. Especially for a trend I wasn't really that on board with in the first place. I mean, I wore ballet flats the first time they were popular, back when I was a teenager. And I am SO not into revisiting trends. Instead, I haven't changed my style in about ten years. I'll never be accused of being trendy. But the rest of the shoes were really odd looking or stillettos and really odd looking, so I gave in and got two pair of the ballet slippers. Plus I gave away two pairs of shoes when packing this afternoon, so I'm just replacing inventory;)

And yes, I am buying things when I am moving, which I realize is insane. But they aren't very big! And I can wear one pair of them;)

Wow, that was an exciting post! Although this is kind of exciting. You can design your own Converse tennis shoe. Just choose "design your own". Mine's a rather fetching star pair featuring brown and robins egg blue. Maybe I'll buy them. Although I probably won't. I could buy 4 more pairs of ballet flats for what those cost!

Well, I guess Stella is not going back down for another nap to supplement the hour one she had earlier. I best be going to fetch her.

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Mindy said...

Revisit if you must, but if you start wearing slap bracelets again, I cant be your friend anymore.