Friday, August 10, 2007

Go Julie, Go Julie, it's your birthday!

So I am currently sitting here enjoying the nonfat, decaf mocha from Starbucks that I rewarded myself with for reaching my 10% goal in Weight Watchers. Yay! I got the cute little key chain and everything. And I am in such a good mood, nothin's gonna bring me down, not the mess of boxes in my house, not Carpetbagging Californians, not the fact that I just poured my mocha on my new pants, nothing! I am only 6.8 pounds now away from my pre-pregnancy weight and half way to my eventual goal of recapturing the weight I had when Tim and I met nearly 11 years ago. Whoot! I even tried on a pair of size TWELVE pants the other day, and while they were too tight to be comfortable, they actually buttoned and zipped all the way up. Huzzah! (BTW, for those of you who don't think fitting into a size 12 is impressive, consider that us tall girls cannot get into those itty bitty sizes simply due to our height and frame. For example, for those of you who know Gwen who was in Anton with me, she is nearly my height -5'10"- and she can wear a size 12, even though she is a very svelte girl with a great figure. I did wear a 10 in high school and even squeezed into an 8 on occasion, but I was really, really, really thin then.) So anyway, by Christmas (or maybe even Halloween if I'm lucky), I should be working my mojo and get some serious quality time with my new figure and new wardrobe before it's time to incubate Thomas Bambino Numero Dos.

Speaking of bambinos numero dos, I was reading Sweet Juniper yesterday and they are expecting a little sibling for Junie. I got so excited and even a little teary. It's so weird how you can feel such an affinity for people that you have never met or even talked to. I particularly like Dutch and Wood because I feel so much in common with them. They are the same age as us, they also starting dating when they were 19 and now we plan to have the same spacing between our children, although Juniper a year and two months older than Stella. So I think it will be fun to see how the 3 years apart thing works when their new addition is born next February. Will give us a sneak peek as to how life will actually work. Especially since all our friends are having their children closer together. I am actually looking longingly at little babies these days, so I'm sure by the time we decide to get started on number 2, I will definitely be ready.

But Stella is sooooo much better than a newborn, she is simply a blast to be around! She does new things every day. Like her newest thing is sitting on the bottom step on our stairs like it's a little bench. I sat next to her and tried to get her to gossip with me, but I don't think she quite got the concept. She also likes to put our shoes on and try to walk around in them, and walk with her hands clasped behind her back. So cute.

In bad news, we got a call from our real estate agent yesterday and the buyer wants to pay cash now since he sold his home in California, so since that house doesn't close until the 17th, we probably will not close until the 17th, best case or the 22nd, worst case. So despite the fact he wouldn't let us stay in the house any longer than 30 days, now he's pushing things out. Bastard. And we're already packed up and have lots of people helping us move tomorrow, so we're going ahead with the move. Our realtor asked the buyer's agent why the buyer didn't just continue with the mortgage and then pay it off, and she said that the guy had told the loan officer to quit processing the loan as soon as he got a buyer. So no matter what it will still take extra time to close because the loan officer has to start back up the process. Sigh. So our realtor told the other realtor that the loan officer should go ahead and start back up the loan process in case something happens with the house sale. Also, he's trying to get the buyer to pay a pro-rated amount of our mortgage payment so at least we won't be out too much extra money while this all gets sorted out. Sigh. I've said it before, I'll say it again, selling a house sucks. And it sure makes you feel like a poor yokel that some guy can come and buy your house, which was going to take you 30 years to pay off, in cash. I'm totally with Ashley: Californians are the new carpet baggers. I think we should start spitting on any cars we see with California plates.

Speaking of cars, we saw a car at HEB yesterday into which someone had carved the word "Bitch" into the hood, all caps, in about foot tall letters. Wow. She must have really pissed someone off. I think I'd find the money to fix that ASAP!

Wow, it's really late, I'd better go pack! I feel like a working mom, I've seen Stella so little this week. She's been staying with her Baba and Grandaddy while I get this house packed. Packing a 3 bedroom house solo is a lot of work!

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Kate said...

Hooray for the weight loss! That's so exciting!

ARGH about the home sale. What an annoying freak. He'd better pay part of your mortgage payment since he was the one insisting that you be out by that time.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!!