Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Ready!

The super-cool rocker we'd been drooling over for months and ordered last week (thanks tax refund!) came in a couple of days ago. It looks really great in the nursery:
It does make me realize how small that room is, but I prefer to think of it as "cozy" not crowded.

Stella and I also went to the mall Wednesday to find a going home outfit for BabyBean. Stella was a great helper and in fact wanted to shop longer than I did. She kept saying, "one more store, one more store!" It was crazy! I guess there was just so much to look at. We wound up finding an adorable little outfit that I worried Tim would veto as too frilly, but luckily he was on board:

We also got the most precious socks that look like little shoes to go with it:
I was so blinded by cuteness that I neglected to notice that the outfit has buttons on the back (huge annoyance with a newborn) or that it was short sleeved so I probably needed to get a sweater too to protect those teeny tiny little arms. Oh well, even experienced moms are choose fashion over function sometimes!

For some reason I have found myself much more seduced by cute little girl outfits this time around. With Stella, I was Ms. Practical and really bought almost nothing for the baby, but this time I find myself drawn to the frilly dresses. I also got BabyBean a dress for next Christmas and another outfit, both on super-clearance. If you're looking for cute baby girl clothes, don't bother looking any further than Dillard's, they have the most adorable stuff!

I know that the next 4-5 weeks will fly by, but I'm in that state where I am anxious to meet my little girl. What will she look like? How will she act? How long will my labor be? (I vote for something between 22 hours and "having the baby in the car it's so short"!)

Tomorrow we're planning to do the final push to get the nursery finished. I promise to post pictures as soon as we're done!


Anna said...

I totally agree on Dillard's having the cutest baby clothes! That's where I got Dainel's baptism outfit and several other filly items for Georgia!

Kate said...

That glider is the coolest! The only other cool ones I've seen are like 5 million dollars. Whatever.

I love that outfit. Maybe someone will get BabyBean a sweater to wear with it. Maybe. I can't wait to meet her, too. I wonder what she'll look like and of course, her name.