Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's a Small World After all

We took the hospital tour this morning and saw not one, not two, but THREE people we know who are due to give birth soon. First in the parking lot on the way in we ran into my friend Nikki and her husband Richard. Then once inside we all sat down and started talking and my friend Rebecca and her husband Jonah come in. THEN a few minutes later an ex-coworker of mine, Lisa, who also went to our old church, walk in! It was a very funny and nice coincidence to run into so many friends! We're having the week of run-ins. Thursday morning at the regular ob's visit we ran into Tara and Jeff and then today at IKEA, we ran into Tim's Mom's friend Rebekah and her son Joshua. It was very nice timing because we were able to watch Joshua and chat with him while his mom went to the bathroom. I just hope no one I know decides to attend the murder mystery tonight at Spaghetti Warehouse!

The lady giving the hospital tour unfortunately didn't seem to know the answers to a lot of things. We did get to see the new Labor and Delivery rooms which are gorgeous, but found out the Post-partum rooms are same ones that were there when Stella was born, and actually will not be redone. That was disappointing, especially since you only spend a few hours in the L&D rooms and the rest of your stay is in the Post-Partum room. We did find out there are now 29 L&D rooms, as opposed to the 12 there were when we had Stella, so hopefully they'll be no hanging out in the waiting room during labor like there was with her! But it was a huge tour, so this continues to be a popular time of year to procreate. We also found out that they now do the bath, eyedrops, and Vitamin K in the nursery rather than in the room. I was disappointed to find that out because I really liked the fact that when Stella was born she never left our room after being born. Of course, as Tim pointed out, the lady doing the tour seemed utterly clueless, so I'm holding out a little hope that perhaps she was wrong about that part!

Stella was awesome despite the fact that the tour took over an hour and I brought nothing for her to play with or snack on. The one we had when I was expecting Stella only took 15 or 20 minutes, I think, so I hadn't prepared. But the lady today really enjoyed talking. I think someone should have told her that an hour is a very long time for a bunch of really pregnant ladies to have to stand!

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Anna said...

You know, you can always request that the bath and stuff be done in your room. They don't HAVE to take the baby away, even if they say they do. Its their "normal" protocol, but nothing says that its written in stone. Just put it in your birth plan, and talk to your dr. about it... they'll most likely be able to do it!