Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Girl Wears Panties all the Time, Panties all the time, panties all the time

Yes, that' s an Eddie Murphy song quote. After nearly a week of dry pull-ups, Stella wore panties to bed last night and was dry once again! I felt sorry for Tim, though, as she woke him up twice to go to the bathroom. Hopefully she will soon go to the bathroom on her own, but in any case, I didn't expect her to go dry at night yet and I'm really excited she is!

On the downside, she's only taken like two naps in the last week and a half. Today she couldn't stop coughing and so I gave her some honey, but I guess it woke her up because now she's playing. Poor thing was so tired on the way home from school that she nearly passed out in the car. We'll see how pleasant the rest of the afternoon will be! I know she's not ready to give up her naps, hopefully it's just a phase.


Susan said...

Stella is just the BEST!!!!!! and great that Tim will be the peepee auditor that Stella apparently needs right now = you do need your sleep for babybean's sake, Julie! Love, Mom T

Kate said...

Excellent news about her potty training! Sorry to hear about the lack of nap. Hopefully it's just a phase.