Thursday, February 12, 2009

The End of an Era

So I decided today it is time to face facts: Stella has given up her nap. She has taken two naps in the last ten days and I think both times Tim had to pull out some wicked voodoo magic to get her to fall asleep. I'm still able to get her to stay in her room for nap time, so at least I get some peace, but she's a pretty wonky child without her nap. She definitely still needs that nap, and I've read that kids really still need a nap until kindergarten, but you can't make a kid sleep. Even though she says she's tired, she says she's going to nap, and I leave her nearly passed out, 20 minutes later I hear, "Time to get up Mommy." Today she was kind enough to do that just as I was drifting off for my own nap. I was really looking forward to her napping to help me catch up on sleep after the new kid is born, but oh well. I'm sure this time will be easier anyway, I'm much more used to sleep deprivation now:)

Today at school was Stella's class Valentine's party. I brought Valentines for everyone in the class, as requested, but didn't attach a sweet treat because I didn't want to do that to parents. Well guess what? Everyone else attached a cookie or candy to their Valentine. Luckily, I was able to confiscate most of them without Stella even noticing. When did Tim and I become the hippy parents?


Anonymous said...

I think everything will fall into place when we buy a volvo.

AC said...

Hah. My wife didn't attach sweets to my son's valentine cards either, for just that reason. When I got home tonight she scowled and told me she'd spent all afternoon trying to keep lollipops out of his hands.

Kate said...

Sorry about the no-nap situation.

I'm sure the other kids didn't miss one more candy. =)

Anna said...

Guess we're hippies together... no candy was given by Mr. Daniel either. Let me tell you that steroid medication + sugar = insane little boy.