Friday, February 06, 2009

Victory in the Cool Stuff Department

So Tim and I have been looking for a chandelier to hang in the corner of the baby's room over the rocker. It's to create a reading light that the baby can't try to get into once she's crawling (in several months of course). We've found nothing we were crazy about, and certainly nothing we could agree on until this:
So cute! I was reading Ohdeedoh and a woman had a really cute chandelier in her nursery that she said she got from Urban Outfitters, I went to check it out and found this one I loved even more! I called the UO on the drag and they have lots of them in stock, so I'm going to try and get over there soon to pick one up. I cannot believe how obsessed I've become with finding the perfect things for the baby's room! I guess it isn't everyday that you get to create a whole room from scratch. (Well, almost from scratch, we did already have the crib and bookshelves.)

The other thing I've been searching for, without success, was a diaper bag. I've looked at stores and found one at OhBaby, a high-end store in Westlake that I liked pretty well, and thought I might go back and get it with the 30% off coupon they gave me to use next week, but I still wasn't sure it was perfect. I really wanted something a lot like my purse, which is yellow and has a birds and flowers pattern. It's sort of mid-century modern, actually. I wasn't finding anything that came even close to that description, and then I remembered Etsy. I figured if anyone had it, Etsy would, and I was right. My bag was 3rd on the list of results:

It came from here and was a bargain at only $35. Tim even said he'd be happy to carry it, it was so cool. I can't wait to get it! This is my first experience using Etsy, but if it goes well, I'm sure I'll be back in the future!

In Stella news, she has woken up two nights in a row with a dry pull-up. This has meant Tim having to drag himself out of bed in the middle of the night and hang out while she goes potty (for some reason she needs us to be around, even though she doesn't want us involved at all), but it's still pretty cool. She asked last Friday to start wearing panties to bed and I told her she couldn't yet because I didn't have an extra set of clean sheets, but that she could wear pull-ups. So we bought some pull-ups and she's been having a lot of success obviously. We'll see if it leads to all panties, all the time which would be super-exciting! We certainly didn't expect her to reach that milestone anytime soon, but we aren't going to complain.


yer mama said...

Cool chandelier! I have 5 yards of that orange bird fabric waiting to be transformed into curtains for my sewing room! We really do have similiar tastes! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I almost wish she did want help. Our exchange is like this:

Stella: Mommm....
[Dad shuffles into bedroom]
Stella: I need to go potty.
Dad: Ok, you can go potty.
[Stella shuffles into bathroom. Dad shuffles back into bed. 2 minutes pass]
Stella: I done!
[Dad shuffles back in.]
Dad: Ok, go back to bed.
[Stella goes back to bed]
Stella: Pull up my covers.
[Dad pulls up covers. kisses Stella. stumbles back to bed]

Kate said...

I love the chandelier--so cool. And the laundry bag is fabulous! I'm glad that the potty in the middle of the night is going well. I am laughing at Tim's comment.

Kate said...

And by laundry I meant diaper. I swear I haven't been getting into Ryan's painkillers. ;)