Monday, February 02, 2009

New Curtains and new Chair in our bedroom

We're loving our new curtains in our bedroom. During the day, open, they frame the view beautifully and at night, closed, they remind us of a luxe hotel room. Plus, we sleep so much better without bright lights in our eyes or the sun beaming in. Now we want to change everything else to match the curtains!

If you saw "Mrs. Witherspoon", put on by Different Stages at the City, you may recognize the chair. Yes, we have a showbiz chair! Karen and Jennie, the director and the lead actress, offered us an amazing deal on the chair because they wanted it to have a good home after the show closed and they thought it would match our decor. They were right! We'd like to go in a Hollywood Regency/high-end hotel room angle now that we have the curtains and the chair. Our inspiration pieces are the chair, the champagne/gold curtains, and the fabulous vintage turquoise lamps (also from Karen and Jennie), but everything else except the furniture can go. Any suggestions? We don't have time to be painting right now, of course, but we hate the walls as they are. Especially since we did touch-ups with paint we found in the garage that turned out to be enamel rather than flat so our walls look ridiculous. One of our more unfortunate home improvement disasters. But we are STUMPED as to what colors to go with! So any design advice - Ashley, sweetie, my kindred amateur designer, I'm looking at you:) - would be much appreciated!

I was SO domestic this morning, you all would have died. Stella and I baked cookies! We cut out little heartshapes from sugar-cookie dough and then decorated them with homemade icing and decorations left over from when my mom and Stella made Gingerbread cookies before Christmas. Stella was very meticulous in her decorating and would not stop until every cookie had icing and sprinkles on it.

Stella wanted to go to the park really badly today, but I'm laying low because I really gave my abdominal muscles too much of a work out this weekend with all my walking and cleaning and shopping and they have been SCREAMING out in pain since last night. So in order to keep her happy, I suggested making cookies. Luckily, she is her mother's daughter and the promise of sweets quickly placated her. There are advantages to being pregnant and having to "take it easy":) For example, just look at all the blogging I'm doing! I told Tim I felt bad being so lazy and he said, "you're not being lazy! You need to relax." I told him, I guess he's right, I'm doing the important business of baking a baby!


yer mama said...

Hollywood Regency is super fun! That chair is rockin and I love the curtains. We had a similar shimmery light gold up in our old room in the house down south. But we painted the walls red which I don't recommend - it got old fast.

I have been dying to paint a room a deep brown...that might look cool with th0se curtains and I bet that room gets enough light for it. Hmmmmmm

I'm sure you can find some great books on hollywood regency for inspiration !

Kate said...

Baking and decorating cookies with a small child doesn't sound like being lazy to me and yes, you're busy right now.

I think that Hollywood Regency totally fits you two.