Friday, November 28, 2008

My New Addiction

The Teacher and the Student

I dreamt of scrapbooking Wednesday night. Seriously. I had two dreams about scrapbooking and I actually spent time thinking about layout while I was lying there awake. I have my dear sister-in-law Christine to blame thank for my sleep interruptions. Wednesday she took me to a bunch of scrapbooking stores and I collected piles of paper and stickers to make a baby book for the new baby. My attraction to scrapbooking caught me totally unawares. I expected to pretty much just get a pre-made book and she had said she was going to show me some basic pages I might like that had a place to write and then a bunch of places to put pictures. Then I started seeing all the ADORABLE ephemera I could get to make my own baby book and I was hooked. I even drove out to Cedar Park so we could go to the mother of all scrapbooking stores, Archiver's. I am on their mailing list now. Seriously, it's scary. Christine and I scrapbooked Wednesday night and then for like 6 hours straight yesterday. It went by in a snap. I had to be dragged away to go to Thanksgiving dinner!

I'd always been a bit opposed to scrapbooking because a lot of the scrapbook pages I had seen look like people put everything and the kitchen sink on the page. You hardly even noticed the photos or the text, which are of course the reason for the scrapbook. Christine said that's called "sticker sneeze". I tried to mostly refrain from that. Tim said perhaps I could start a modern scrapbooking movement. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of what I've done so far. I don't think I'll ever get to the point of Christine, who generously shared her suitcase full of supplies with me, because, as Tim says "You're too cheap." I did find out that the Archiver's store has a room where you can use their supplies, so perhaps I can go there if I can't wait until Christmas to scrap with Christine again. Please indulge me as I share some of my favorite pages with you. Keep in mind I won't be adding photos until BabyBean makes her grand appearance, of course. I think the pages got better as I went along, which makes sense of course.

The album cover, which I had nothing to do with, of course:

I think this might be my favorite page. I found paper that is the same as the fabric for the baby's room with slight tweaks. I'm using it for the welcome home page:

I would post more, but Blogger is being a bastard and won't orient my pictures correctly. So you are saved from more boring pictures of my scrapbooking skills. But don't be surprised if I corner you and make you look at it IRL!

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Kate said...

Fun! I would love to see it in IRL when I see you next.

I love "sticker sneeze." That is genius!