Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Artwork 11/4 and 11/6/08 and cute Stella sayings

She insists that it goes this way. The substitute teacher must have written her name on it upside down.
Now that the real teachers are back, it's back to pieces of art I know my child never could have done, unfortunately.

Last week on the way back from the grocery store, Stella said she was "a little bit 'fraid of clowns. Little bit." I was like, where did you see clowns? And she said, "when I got candy from the neighbor's house. Last time." She was referring to a house down the street that had been having a party when we got there for Trick or Treating. Among the revelers were two little college-age girls dressed up as these bizaare, but really cool clowns and downing Budweiser. Kind of like "rave clowns". Now whenever we pass the house, she says "I'm a little bit 'fraid of clowns. Little bit." and talks about how they put their dogs inside when we got there. She says they put one dog inside and let one stay outside, but I only remember the one that remained outside. It was cute and loved Stella, although she was sort of petrified to go up to the door.
Last Wednesday night Tim was letting Stella ride all over the house on his back and shoulders and they were generally doing what Daddy's and kiddos do. She said, "Just take me something where!" between giggles. I thought that was really cute.
Here she is having a tea party/birthday party today with her dolls. It was A-dorable!

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