Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Girl Bedding

So since we've found out that we're having another little girl, I've been obsessed with two things: names and nursery decor. Tim and I currently have two favorites in the name department, although our number ones are not the same. We're also still looking. We want something classic, strong and beautiful, preferably with a bit of spunk. Basically another name that we love like Stella, although since that was our favorite name of all time before we even got pregnant, I don't know if it's going to happen. If you have any suggestions, send them our way, but keep in mind, most of our favorites fell out of popularity around 1928. We like real names, shun unusual spellings, and only want girl names. Not a boy name that was foisted on a girl. And while no one except Tim and I will know what BabyBean's real name will be until she makes her debut in this world, I can share our favorite bedding with you.
Now keep in mind this is every single accessory you can purchase for this set, and concentrate mostly on the cribskirt and sheet. We won't use the crib bumper because, while it is adorable, I am too paranoid about BabyBean pushing her sweet little face into it. So we'll use the breathable bumper we had with Stella. I'll use this bumper somewhere else, perhaps around a changing table or as curtains. We'll probably get a valance if that doesn't work and also the lamp shade because it is darling. You can check it all out here. While it isn't 50 bucks like Stella's set, it's still not astronomical, especially compared to the $450 sets we saw at USA Baby today.

We've become very serious very quickly about nursery decor because we realized that the best time to paint the nursery will be over Thanksgiving when Tim is off from work for an entire week. We almost always schedule a big home improvement project for Thanksgiving, usually painting. I'd love to hear folks' opinions about the nursery stuff because I'll probably be ordering it ASAP so we can get it and pick paint samples, assuming Tim is as in love with it as I am. What I really love about it is the mod shapes, as well as the fact that it uses green in addition to pink and brown. My favorite color for decorating these days is chocolate brown. Chocolate brown and blue, chocolate brown and pink, chocolate brown and green. Lots of baby girl bedding sets have pink and brown, but this one throws a curveball and puts the lime green that is another of my favorites. I didn't really use much pink for Stella's room, it was mint green with light pink and lavender accents, as you can see below. So I think I can use more pink in this Baby Girl's room.

For BabyBean's room, I think we're going to do Brown on the bottom up to chair rail height and another color, probably pink or that awesome green, on the top.
Another couple of sets we liked:

Although I think it's too pricey and too repetitive. Could benefit from a solid color in there somewhere.

And this one, which Tim doesn't like as much as me:

I think I might be more in love with the room and the crib than the bedding. And we all know that a baby's room would never look like this after the baby actually arrived. I do hate the giant safety pin. WTF?
Update from Tim, he is not as crazy about the bedding as I am and would like to, "see it in person" which may be a challenge. So maybe it's not a done deal like I thought!


Anna said...

I really like it, but I also highly recommend going in person to check out bedding. Amazingly, Babies R Us (the north store, of course) had a lot (to me, anyway) of cool bedding stuff. There's a lot of modern, yet classic, bedding being designed these days. And BRU carries it. And pink and brown is all the rage right now for baby girls. I'm actually getting a little tired of it, so throwing in another color like green is awesome!. And WTF is up with that giant safety pin!?

kelli said...

I love that first one. The others are cute too, but your favorite is also my favorite.

I am amazed that you guys are able to keep the name a secret the whole pregnancy! :) I could NOT do that. I guess it eliminates a lot of the "oh I knew a terrible person with that name and now I hate it" comments people give you though.

We don't get any hints, huh? A list? Nothing? ... yeah, I know you don't do it that way...

Kate said...

I'm with you on the safety pin. That is like putting a giant knife on your kitchen wall (a la Pottery Barn with their fork and spoon--but not knife).

Riley Fuzzel is still available. ;)

cynlo said...


I was looking for a specific baby room set image and just happened on your website. I was reading through your blog to find the names or locations of the cribs or baby sets and happened across your baby naming dilemma. After reading the description of what type of name you and your husband like the very first name that came to me was Hera. A beautiful name of the Queen of the gods from classic Greek myths. It's not everything you described but maybe this might be something you two would like anyways. I hope it's not too far fetched from what you guys are looking for. Just my 2-cents.

graciela said...

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Jessica said...

I see all you feedback on Childrens Bedding and it appears like some of you are looking for more designs…so keep posting your comments with suggested topics.

Rupinder said...

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kimberly said...

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tony said...
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tony said...
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cissy said...

My daughter in law and son are having a little girl in a few months. They love the bedding you posted with the western theme cowgirl. Do you happen to remember where that was at? We are having a hard time finding anything. Thanks in advance.