Monday, November 17, 2008

Cute Stella moments!

So the birthday party this weekend was a BIG hit. It was definitely the coolest. Stella went on her first through fifth pony rides:
They also had 5 week old goats wearing jackets. I nearly died from the cuteness:

The birds and lamb were adorable as well.
I was talking to birthday girl's mom and she said, "it wasn't really that expensive", so I started to get all excited thinking of doing a petting zoo for one of Stella's birthdays. When I recounted the story, Tim pointed out what I forgot. That the birthday girl's mom said it was about the same as renting out Gymboree or Little Gym. So it probably still was out of my cheap-ass budget. But it was sooo awesome. Maybe for her Sweet 16;) We met more people from Stella's class, who were really nice and we're probably going to try and host a playdate here soon. They did talk about things like "night nurses" which led me to believe that perhaps they might be in a different tax bracket, but hey, I can hang with the rich people! There was one guy there, who we surmise was either a neighbor or a brother-in-law, who had gone hunting for beer in their house (at 11am!) and was talking to one of the grandpas about how he had just bought an AK-47 at a gun show. It was fascinating and frightening all at the same time!
Here's some video of Stella riding the pony. The original audio was the birthday girl's mom telling me how they made a tee-pee in their backyard out of sticks and vines. It was totally cool and I am completely stealing the idea. But I decided to add my own soundtrack.


kelli said...

Okay, that is just really cool. And you're right, the jacketed goat is adorable.
Best thing though- that soundtrack. :) Good choice.

Kate said...

Fun! You just need to keep hanging with these folks so Stella can GO to their crazy parties. And those goats? Tiny goats with jackets? Seriously? The cutest. And I also like the soundtrack. In 20 years you won't care about the teepee discussion, but the song and Stella will be perfect. Dolly Dingle and her pony, Spots.