Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm sorry...

I just wanted to take a second to respond to Kelli's comment and apologize to her if my last post came across as hurtful or mean. I was trying to be really diplomatic, actually! I enjoy reading your blog exactly because it gives me a completely different take on politics, religion and family life from a perspective alien in so many ways to myself and my friends. (And I don't mean alien as bad. But like we are both from different countries with different customs but we speak the same language. And it's fascinating to read about that other world running parallel to your own. Plus, you keep me from being hopelessly clueless on things like Webkinz and Princess stuff;)) I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, that certainly was NOT my intention. My hope is that we can all work together: Democrats and Republicans, liberals, moderates and conservatives, people of all religions and none at all. As much as a part of me wants to go, "It's our turn now to be the majority and lets get revenge for the last 8 years of feeling like we weren't "Real" Americans", that's not what Barack Obama wants us to be. As my friend Lisa said recently, he inspires her to want to be a better person. Me too. And the venom that was spewed both ways came from such a small subset of both parties, it is ridiculous to go after each other for that.

Tangentially related, I finally finished "Dreams from my Father" this afternoon and I wept yet again afterwards. It was so moving, and I started thinking again about the fact that we've elected someone with so much integrity, from a historically persecuted minority, and I was just overcome. I feel like I'm floating on air today. It is so nice to have some optimism after so many years of pessimism!


kelli said...

Thank you- I appreciate that. It did kind of hurt my feelings.

It's not easy to be on either side, really. I'm tired of hearing that I'm rich and greedy. (okay, maybe I'm a little greedy sometimes and I'd sure like to be rich, but I would share!)

It's not so fun to be blamed for everything that's happened in the last 8 years and have it be said that my party doesn't care about anything except big business and themselves. And I'm sure you're tired of all the cliche things that are said about liberals.

But as you said, it's small subsets of angry people from both parties causing a lot of trouble.

I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog- I really like reading yours too, for much the same reasons. :) Sometimes I don't really get where you're coming from and I know you feel the same way about some of my posts, but it definitely is nice to see what other viewpoints think about things.

Marsha said...

Julie, your post was not at all mean, mean-spirited or anything that you should feel inclined to apologize for. People who talk about this election signaling the end of days are off their rocker. That is my and your constitutionally protected opinion to express. I have seen mean blogs on both sides and yours is simply not even in the same universe.

kelli said...

There have been people saying the end times are here for hundreds of years, and it's their opinion to say so just it's yours to disagree. :) And for the record, nobody knows when they're coming, and there have been so-called "signs" for years too.

And it's not that the whole post was mean, Marsha- the part that hurt my feelings was that I'm the friend she was talking about and she didn't leave a comment on my post about it. It just feels funny to have somebody read something you posted, say nothing to you personally about it, and then go talk about it on their blog. It's probably better that you put it here, where you had more space to discuss, but I've been reading so many other things that really ARE mean that it just caught me off guard, is all. You have a right to your opinion and I know it differs from mine in a lot of ways.

And Julie, as I said, I appreciate you apologizing to me, even if I was being oversensitive and you didn't need to. It's a good person who goes ahead and does that. It goes a long way toward the kind of getting along that we all need to be doing. So thank you. I'll keep you up to date on all the Webkinz and princess stuff you might ever need to know. :)