Thursday, November 20, 2008


So Tim was not as enamored of the crib bedding set I found as I was. That's what I get for asking him his opinion while he's trying to program! So we looked some more on Saturday and Sunday trying to find the perfect set with no luck and I've finally decided just to sew a crib skirt and curtains and buy a solid colored sheet that coordinates. Really, it was RIDICULOUS to pay $160 or more for a bedding set when we really just wanted the crib skirt. And we'd still have to buy the curtains on top of that. Plus, Tim came up with the great idea to just velcro the bed skirt panels to the board under the mattress. This is really cool because we can move the velcro as we lower the crib to make the bedskirt the right length. So no ridiculously short crib skirt! I hunted through fabric stores yesterday and found oodles of fabric I loved, and even Tim agreed with me on some of them. We found one we both could love. It has tons of colors we want to use, as well as many motifs we can repeat in the room. This is the fabric we chose:
You'll have to tilt your head to the right. for some reason, even though it's oriented correctly in my file, Blogger keeps turning it to be wrong.

All five yards came in at $22.50.

Oh no! While I was taking the pictures, I realized that in my haste to get my fabric, I hadn't checked the way the fabric ran. It runs vertically, rather than horizontally! So I'm going to have to stitch the fabric together every 43 inches or so. ARGH! This is going to be a lot more complicated than I thought.
Hmm... Perhaps, at least on the curtains, I could just use the fabric as is and only hem up the top and bottom seam. In any case, it's going to involve a lot more sewing, and I just hope I still have enough fabric, since I did the calculations based on the fabric running horizontally! Dang it. This is why I wanted to just buy a set. Oh, well, as I'm working feverishly I'll try to remember that part of the reason I'm doing this is to save money so we can buy the super-cool, super comfy chocolate brown glider and ottoman that we saw at Babies R' Us. I have to have it!
And on an unrelated subject, some great video of Stella getting down. At the very end, she is going to her room to retrieve her "dancing dress" (her purple princess dress-up dress) and her "shaker" (her maraca) so she can boogie down in style:


Anonymous said...

Ribbons! We can sew the curtains panels together with a line of pink ribbon, thus not having to match the pattern.

Kate said...

I love the fabric and I love Tim's ribbon idea! Oh, and that glider? That's worth weaving your own fabric to save for it. ;)

I love video of Stella dancing. I just love how happy she is.

Anna said...

I really like the fabric... lots of fun color, and I think its actually better than the original bedding set fabric! Good choice :)

Jooley Ann said...

Gawwww, she is so adorable. :) What a great dancer!

Mindy said...

I love it! It's very you. very fun.

I can't find anything with an "acceptable" amount of pink for Seth's taste. He's gonna have to face it, eventually shes going to encounter pink at some point in her life.