Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family, family, family!

Look, all three of us have our eyes open, are looking at the camera and are smiling!

We're enjoying some down time after a week filled with lots of family that began last Friday. We had a wonderful time with everyone, but are ready to be anti-social for a bit. Last weekend we were in Houston for Tim's Grandmother's 90th birthday. On the way we stopped at Dairy Queen for some ice cream and Stella had her first brain freeze:

She did not like it one bit. But now we know she takes after her father and not me. (I get throat freezes, not brain freezes.) Saturday night was the dinner party and Stella donned the "new" red velvet dress I got for her at the Pumpkin Patch and her new patent leather Mary Janes.

Monday night, after we returned, we tried a Korean restaurant we'd never eaten at before, Shilla and Stella discovered a love for Miso soup. That girl's tastebuds really impress me. I didn't eat anything unless it was covered in ketchup until I was about 10.

Wednesday night we had Tim's family over and got the younger set addicted to Rock Band. It was soooo awesome and definitely a tradition I think we must continue. I see Rock Band being brought out again at Christmas.

Thursday was a delicious Thanksgiving meal, of course, but it was two hours late due to turkey mishaps, so Stella did not get to share in the deliciousness because dinner did not get served until 9pm. But it was worth the wait. Just sad there was no Thanksgiving for Stella:(

Yesterday in the car, Stella treated us to a spontaneous rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", which she is learning at school for their Christmas pageant next Sunday. It was the cutest thing ever, even if she only seemed to repeat the same words over and over again and in the wrong order. This was after a trip out for ice cream. Yes, we ate ice cream two Fridays in a row. One time was my idea and the other was Tim's, I swear it wasn't all the pregnant lady's doing!

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Mindy said...

OMG the twinkle twinkle is so precious! I like her jumbled up lyrics. Thats alot of words to remember for a little girl!

We dont take near enough videos of Oli, but he's at the stage where he wants to run the camera, not perform.

She is just too cute!