Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fun Ways I have Wasted my Time this week...

-Early Sunday morning I had to stay up until 4am in the hopes that the people I had in my house for the Slapdash party would take the hint and go home. I did this by cleaning up, repeating how tired I was, and reiterating that I was pregnant AND had had 3.5 hours of sleep the night before (really the day before). Didn't work. So I wasted more time yelling at people at 4:30am when Tim came to bed and informed me that a ton of people STILL hadn't left. Then I wasted some time trying to reason with a beligerent drunk who was insisting on driving home. Luckily at 5, two other heroes took over and tried to reason with the beligerent drunk until 7am when she sobered up and they finally let her have her keys. I slept during this exchange, thank God.

-Monday night I cleaned water up under the sink after the garbage disposal started leaking after Tim's cooking disaster.

-Tuesday morning I drove to the County Clerk's office only to discover it was closed for Veteran's Day. As an extra bonus, I waited for 15 minutes for my cohorts to join me because they were late and my cell phone was out of juice.

-Tuesday afternoon I cleaned soup off the ceiling from the cooking disaster (Tim had just missed it. He did clean up most of the mess.) I also spent two hours trying to troubleshoot Quicken to figure out why I could not download transactions from my bank.

-Tuesday evening I followed custodians around to get into Tim's building because I forgot to charge my cellphone. I also cleaned more water up from under the sink and troubleshooted the garbage disposal, arriving at the conclusion it was DOA. Then I cleaned flour out of every crevice of the oven and coffeemaker (see Tim's cooking disaster post) and did dishes without a garbage disposal, which was a bit challenging. Then Tim and I wasted another hour troubleshooting Quicken.

-Wednesday morning, I vaccuumed and mopped again because of the flour disaster (did I mention I'd already vaccuumed and mopped Monday after the party? I don't know what folks did Saturday night, but it was filthy around here. Beer spilled on the floor, little strands of hair everywhere. Disgusting!) I called the bank about the Quicken thing and was told it was just down and they were working on it. Would be nice for them to put a message on their website, especially since I couldn't call yesterday because they were closed!

What more fun ways will I waste time this week? Who knows, it's only Wednesday! Stella's sick and hasn't been able to go to school and if she's sick again tomorrow, it's going to result in lots of fun because we've got the Big Ultrasound and Doctor's appointment. Tim's Mom was taking her to school, but I just found out can't watch her past 10:30. So I'm sure more time will be wasted there trying to figure out a creative solution. Yay!

On the bright side, Stella is going to a girl in her class' birthday party Saturday morning. I RSVP'd and the mother emailed me back to inform me that there would be a petting zoo and a pony, so "make sure Stella dresses warmly!". Yes, you read that right. A Petting Zoo and a Pony for a 3-year-old. Oh, this is going to be interesting, I just can't wait!

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Anna said...

Holy crap. I think your week definitely trumps my "sick-toddler-and-infant" week. But hey, you get to see your baby tomorrow!!