Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weird dream

I had a really weird dream last night that I was in the Army and I'd been sent to Iraq. My friend Jessica, of all people, who is even girlier than me, was also in the Army and had been there longer and thus became my mentor. We were loading up our trucks to move to another place and everyone in our unit was really nervous because, well, we were in Iraq. Although Iraq looked a lot like a high school hallway. We were looking around for anything suspicious when suddenly several men jumped out of lockers and we knew they were going to set off a bomb. Jessica and I, as well as anyone else around all ran back through these big heavy metal doors into the building and ran as far as we could away from the bomb. But of course my legs weren't working properly, and it was like I was running through Jello, like it always is in dreams, and as I was running I yelled out, "I never should have come here!" Well, duh. That was a bizaarre dream. I think it had to do with a bit I read last night in a Sam Bass program about how they were raising money to buy proper body armor for a kid who was going to Iraq with the Marines. He'd acted in their theatre since he was a wee lad and his mom is Renee Brown, a local actress who some of you may know. It was very sad. I hope they raise the money, but it's dispicable that the US Government doesn't give their soldiers the proper protection for battle.

Stella's eating phone book pages. I wonder if that's bad for her?

So, we're weaned. Tim and I went ahead and gave her a little pat when we went to bed because I hadn't seen her since I'd put her down for her nap at 4:30. Then she went back to sleep, but woke up twice, I think at about 5 and then again at 6. Tim dealt with her, so I don't know exactly what time it was. It's kind of crazy that she's pretty much sleeping from 8pm to 7am now. I must not have had any milk left because I don't feel even the slightest bit engorged. I did cry before we went to bed last night because it felt so final, and I tried to talk my way out of going through with it. But I was strong (Tim helped), and resisted. So I now have a fully weaned toddler. Who wants her to spend the night with them first? :)


Tim said...

Huzzah for weaning. She woke up at 3 an 6 to be exact.

Kate said...

Me! I'll take her for the night. Well, come there, obviously. :)

Congrats on this milestone. You guys are such great parents.

Caroline said...

Ooh, me, me, me...

I have to second Kate's comments that you guys are great parents.