Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More babbling about our new house

So we walked through the model home with our floorplan Sunday and took pictures. The model is now sheetrocked, so you can see how it actually resembles a home. Do keep in mind that our house is reversed, so when you actually see our home one day, it will be flipped from what is in these pictures. (What's on the left will be on the right and vice versa.)

The Great Room, which is actually pretty great:

The kitchen:

The Master Bedroom, which is actually pretty small and is going to take some getting used to after our palacial bedroom right now. All I care is that our king-sized bed better fit in there!

Cool Coffered (sp?) Ceiling in our bedroom:

Stella's Bedroom, which is bigger than ours:

It has two closets, one of which I'm sure will be used for LGT stuff -or Tim's stuff, since we have to share a closet in the master;)

There are more rooms, but I didn't take pictures or they weren't that exciting.

We're also continuing to work on getting this house ready to put on the market. Last night we primed the downstairs bathroom. So no more blue:( I forgot to take pictures, too, which makes me sad, so it will just have to live on in our memory.

One more bonus photo. This is looking up in the backyard from where Stella's eventual swingset will most likely be:
So as she swings, this will be her view!

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Tara said...

Very cool indeed. :) Those are some awesome trees!