Monday, May 07, 2007

My 24 Pounder and last? dispatch on weaning

So I weighed Stella this morning because she was feeling especially heavy and from our unscientific, "I get on the scale, then pick her up and we get on the scale together" method, she weighs 24 pounds! Wow, no wonder she's so heavy.

Also, we MAY be done with nursing. Last night Tim was like, "is this the last night we're doing this?" and I was like, "I think so." I kind of thought Saturday night was the last night and extra-special savored it, but we went ahead with last night too because she wasn't double-diapered. I think I'm okay with being done with breastfeeding, but I know that both Tim and I will miss the extra special cuddly time with Stella right before we go to bed, but it will also be nice to not worry when people are watching her if she'll wake up fussing before we get home. Also, I'm already really enjoying wearing regular bras. Goodbye dingy nursing bras! BUT, if we have too much trouble with her, I'm not ruling out doing a couple of more nights of nursing to make sure everyone involved gets some sleep. For the most part, though, I'm ready to say goodbye to this part of our relationship. It's been a wonderful, incredible thing and I have really enjoyed it especially once the marathon nursing sessions of the first couple of months were over. Being able to sustain your child with milk from your own body was even more amazing than I thought it would be. And weaning over a very gradual period of a couple of months has made it a much easier process.

I looked in Stella's mouth this morning and she is cutting FOUR teeth on top! She's been cutting one of them for weeks, then it was two, then 3, now four! I guess she's making up for lost time. Soon she'll have 6 teeth total.

Oh, that was gross and adorably cute. Stella just let some of the milk dribble back out of her mouth and down her chin. It was bubbly and looked like a white beard.

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