Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Steps!

The most exciting development here at Thomas headquarters is that Stella took her first steps last night! I have tape of the exciting event, I promise to take time out of my closet cleaning and moving boxes out to the garage to get it on here. Tim and I were both there, it was awesome! First she took one step at a time twice without holding on to anything, then she took FOUR steps at once from me to Tim, completely freehanded! We are SO excited, I can't believe that my child walking could fill me with the same excitement as if I had won a big prize. Today Stella turns 14 months, so she walked one day shy of 14 months. It's funny because she started crawling a couple of days before she turned 10 months. I guess she likes to accomplish major milestones just before she has a "mini-birthday".

I think life is about to get a lot more interesting:)

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