Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I broke it

I probably will not be posting much because I broke the screen on my laptop. Actually, Tim and I have accepted joint blame for the accident. He left the laptop open on the edge of his desk. I did not realize it was perched so precariously and when I closed it, it took a back flip off the desk. Of course it was about two weeks out of warranty.

Stella has been doing so many cool things lately I keep forgetting to blog about. We told her to eat more food last week and she went, "no no no" while shaking her head. Then Saturday I told her she couldn't have any more of her Grandaddy's food (she'd already had a full lunch), and her face just fell. Like it was so dramatic, first she frowned a little, then a little more, then she added some puppy dog eyes, making sure everyone saw her, and then she started wailing. She didn't stop until I took her upstairs. Then, of course, without an audience she was fine. Although when her Grandaddy came up to put her down for a nap, she produced a few sniffles for him. She also stands on her own for brief periods, although when she realizes what she's doing, she usually stops.

She went swimming for the first time Sunday at little Daniel Quinn's birthday party. She LOVED it. She was tromping all over the place. She was the last baby in and we had to drag her out. I'd post pictures, but I'm on Tim's machine. Don't worry, I'll put some up soon!


Tim said...

I was thinking about this, and I just realized that now we have a really good media computer. It's small. It'll fit in the entertainment center easily. It'll hook up to the stereo and tv. We just need to get a remote for it.
Remind me tonight, and I'll get your J: drive working on my computer. It has Picasa on there, and you can download pictures to it, so it should be pretty easy to go on working as normal. You'll just have to do Quicken on the TV.

Kate said...

I love that you guys communicate through your blog. We usually email or text. Screw the phone.