Thursday, May 10, 2007

These are days

when you really wish you could just send them back. When if someone told you they were considering children, you'd tell them to get a Sharpei instead. Stella woke up at 7:10am and since then she has been awake, except for a brief 20 minute nap in the car. She would not go down for her morning nap, which put Mama in a bad mood because Mama uses Stella's nap time to take a shower and clean the kitchen and sometimes, if she's lucky, have a cup of coffee. See, that's Mama time. And apparently, without Mama time, Mama goes a bit crazy and yells at the dogs for barking. Right around noon, Stella and the dogs were taking turns. Stella would cry, then I'd get her happy, but then Roxie would bark, and then she'd stop and then Lucy would pick it up. And then the cycle would start all over again. Actually, Stella's in a pretty good mood this afternoon, she's like the baby energizer bunny, but even as she rubs her eyes, and flops on the floor, she won't go to sleep. So my house is in a shambles and I've got a headache. Some of her no napness is probably my fault. Tim convinced me to go out to lunch with him, so she got the little sleep she's gotten in the car, rather than at home where she probably would have slept longer. But I really needed to get out of the house. Huh, I think she's trying to eat my thigh right now. Tasty!

Sorry to bitch, that was a really annoying post. Enjoy this cute picture of Stella trying to attack Daniel to take your mind off how annoying it was:

It wasn't all bad. This morning she was rocking Rupert, a little stuffed monkey of Tim's, back and forth in her arms like it was a baby. Of course, then she slammed Rupert into the ground repeatedly while holding onto his tail like he was bungee-jumping without a long enough rope. I think she's been watching Lucy with Bobo too much. She also was using her box of blocks to get leverage to climb onto her leap frog table. She actually suceeded in getting one leg up there.
Okay, I best go, happy baby juice has worn off and she's doing that cry/cough thing that will probably persist until her Daddy gets home in 1 hour and 50 minutes. But who's counting;)

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Hope tomorrow is better. :) I hate days like that too.

Hey, I'm thinking of trying fuzzi bunz. You use them, don't you? Do you recommend them?