Saturday, December 06, 2008

Stella's Potty Training Reward!

So this morning we went to Toys R' Us to pick out Stella's reward for successfully potty training and filling up her "Big Girl" Star sticker chart. Earlier this week, when I told Stella that once she filled up the chart she'd get a big prize, she said she wanted to go to the toy store and pick out a toy. Seems fair to me! So this morning we headed on down to the big store (yes we braved Toys R' Us on a Saturday in December) and set Stella loose. I think she checked out every single possible toy before choosing one. My child likes to make informed decisions. Tim said she definitely takes after me, he would have probably just grabbed something the minute he walked in. Tim steered Stella towards the Lego and I tried to convince her that Barbie was the way to go. She carefully considered those, as well as all the baby dolls, baby doll accessories, kitchen stuff and instruments and finally, after an hour of fun (I think the trip may have been a reward in itself), decided on this keyboard. We were pretty happy with her choice. It's a very cool keyboard that plays like a real one, has all sorts of "special effects" AND it was very economical. We had to tear her away from it for nap (which it sounds like she is not going to indulge us in today).

She has been quite the champ this week on the potty, today she even went at Hyde Park Theatre on the "big girl potty" (as she calls it) while we were there doing FronteraFest publicity photos. Her accidents have been limited to only two on Tuesday, under extenuating circumstances (during a 3 hour nap where she was just exhausted and during the looong car trip to pick up Daddy at work), and the one at school on Thursday.

I still get excited everytime she goes, and I have already packed away the diaper bag and all the accoutrements with glee. I'm enjoying my 4 month break from diapers!
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Kate said...

Congratulations! I love that she ended up picking a musical instrument as her reward.

Anna said...

Yay Stella!!!!!!! And, I love her choice of keyboard as well. A very smart girl, if I do say so myself ;)