Sunday, December 07, 2008

One Year in our Dream Home

Toasting on our first night here

Yesterday marked a year since we've been in our house. I was just looking back at my posts from when we found it to when we actually got it and I would say that over the last year, I've only grown to love our house more. I'm constantly amazed by all the things it has that are perfect for us. Like the front window in which to put our Christmas tree. I'd forgotten about that, or how much I hated not having one in our last house, or how Tim and I discussed actually getting a second Christmas tree for the office in the house we were building, just so we could have one in the front window!
We have a million ideas for things we want to do with the house, but of course, the only major change we've made is repainting the battleship grey exterior blue and white. But it's wonderful to have a house that you can imagine an endless supply of little (and big projects) and improvements, enough to last the lifetime that we plan to stay here!

Taken tonight, all decked out for Christmas! We need a wreath, I can't find mine.

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Kate said...

I love your house! It's so you and the changes that you've made so far have really made a difference. I love the outside colors. And I love how you have it decorated for Christmas.