Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our hood is so cool!

We went to a potluck at a neighbor's house tonight, Liz and Kenny, and met tons more neighbors. There are so many cool people around here! We met a nutritionist/chef, a Yoga instructor, a photographer and entrepreneurs. We were introduced as the writer and the actress with their own theatre company. Makes us sound so much hipper than "the Software Developer and the Stay at Home Mom". The cool people came with some pretty crazy kids who obviously enjoyed the very satisfying sound running around a pier and beam house makes. We barely saw hide nor hair of Stella the whole night. Except when she came into mainline some more cookies. Their house is just lovely and on a really high hill so you can see all the twinkling lights of Austin. AND it was built by their neighbor in 1948 (unfortunately he passed away last year). How cool is it to know the person who built your house? It was hilarious, Liz kept saying, "aren't we a cool, beautiful group of people in our 'hood?" as she would introduce new people that had arrived (she was being silly of course. sort of, we are a pretty glamorous lot. HA!). We're planning to have a Progressive Dinner in the New Year, it'd be such a great way to hang out and see each other's houses.

Did I mention I love, love, LOVE our house? Yeah, just a teensy bit! Now, I really must go clean the kitchen so I can go back to wrapping presents, the activity that I interrupted to walk to dinner. Yes, walk! Although I was grumpy on the way there 'cause I was freezing my bootie off, it's so neat to walk to parties!

Hey, don't forget about the houses for sale down the street! You too can be one of the beautiful people. Maybe you can even join us in time for the Progressive Dinner!

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