Monday, December 08, 2008

A Christmasy weekend

This weekend we indulged in a lot of Christmas activities. Friday night I stage managed a Murder Mystery at Dave and Buster's, which wasn't directly Christmas involved, but will result in a little extra Christmas cash, which is nice. I think I did a pretty good job, although my skin did crawl a bit at being back in the big D&B. I'm just ready for my check to come through!

Saturday night we headed out via bus, with Baba in tow, to the Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting and Sing-a-long. We missed our bus stop and had to walk back 2 blocks because we had forgotten that our facist governor elminated the bus stop in front of the Capitol for "security reasons", aka "I don't like to see poor people when I go to work." We ran into our neighbors Mary and Tim and their kiddos, but had to head down to Starbucks for a potty break for Stella. Actually all of us wound up taking a turn! Unfortunately, we did miss a good deal of the singing, but still got to belt out some tunes and catch some of John Aielli being pompass. The little kid next to us actually said, "wow, he's full of himself!" It was awesome. We had a great time and it was so easy to get to and fro with our new location. This will definitely become an annual event for our family.

Sunday was of course the pageant, and then we went to the Travis Heights Art Walk. We initially planned to take the bus, but just as we reached the bus stop, Tim remembered that our bus doesn't run on Sundays. So we headed back home and hopped in the car. We got a good walk seeing the beautiful Travis Heights houses and some interesting art. This lady, Deborah Lykins, had a homemade photobooth set up in the carport of her amazing 3-story home. She took a really fun picture of the three of us and sent us home with a souvenir. Unfortunately, our scanner isn't re-set up after the great office transition into baby room, so I can't share it with you. But I talked to her a bit and I think I'm going to contact her to get some pregnancy/family photos after Christmas. She does AMAZING belly photos. And she was really cool to talk to. I just hope I can afford her! As an extra bonus, her parents were there and just welcomed all visitors in as if they were guests. They happily let both Stella and I use the restroom, and even had a kid's potty for Stella! We also liked this artist. She had really cool shots of Austin in construction. I think it would be awesome to commission her to do a painting of our house, not even sure if that's financially feasible, but it would be cool!
We did have one interesting thing happen. As we were walking, we saw a guy back out of his driveway and hit the car that was parked on the street behind his driveway. He sat there for a few moments, blocking traffic, then finally pulled out of the way back into his driveway. Then he got out of his car and pulled back out the mirror on the car he hit and rubbed the dent he made in the door. We moved slowly and watched him. I made a mental note of his license plate. Then he looked like he was reaching back into his car to get paper and pen, but instead got back in and drove off. Without leaving a note! Dude, you backed into a car RIGHT BEHIND YOUR DRIVEWAY. WITH WITNESSES! So I started writing a note and the guy pulled back around the block, like he was watching to see if I left a note. He slowed down when he saw us (we pretended to be opening the stroller), but did not come back. I left a note and the owner of the car called us last night to confirm what had happened. Hopefully the hitter will do the right thing, I couldn't believe how bold he was!
We didn't come home with anything, unfortunately, although we kicked ourselves for not picking up some of the handicrafts they had that were created by Akins High School students. I don't know why we have to debate over ever single little purchase!
Anna and I are off tonight to see Sarah McLachlan's Austin City Limits taping. I won free tickets. I'm pretty excited, even though I haven't listened to her since freshman year of college. Should be a fun estrogen fest! Right now I'm debating over whether to wake Stella up from her first nap in two days so we can head over to her friend Sully's house for a playdate! Oh, playdates vs naps, such a touch decision!

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