Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese: Harder than Prison

Have you seen this article about Chuck E. Cheese? Apparently violence breaks out regularly there at locations all over the nation and police are often called. Wow. AND they serve alcohol there. WTF? At a kid's game arcade? That is really bizaare. At least I have an excuse not to take my child there.

In other news, it's official: Stella will not nap at school anymore. I'll be back to picking her up at 12:40 instead of 2. Sigh. I was just sitting down to lunch today when I got the call from her teacher to come pick her up because she had not only not napped, but was being really loud and yelling no. When I picked her up she said, "I can try again next time." And I said, no, today was the last time they'd let you try. She was doing pretty well, and then Thanksgiving came and she's never slept again at school. A moment of silence for my free time, please:( Her teacher said last week that she thinks what she wants is me to pick her up. And I think that's true. I have no clue why she doesn't want to nap at school. I am just so frustrated with her right now. And it will make Christmas shopping, which I had planned to do next week while she was at school, extra challenging since I now only have about 2 hours as opposed to 3 and a half. Damn.

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Kate said...

My guess is they have to have alcohol because, dang, no sane adult would go there otherwise. Caroline and I knew a girl at UNT who worked there and wore the Chuck E. costume and they kids would attack her. Kicking, biting, hitting. Sounds like a good time is had by all.

Sorry about the no nap.