Friday, December 19, 2008

A Merry Mid-Century Modern Christmas!

I think this picture looks like an ad for fiberglass chairs. She's so cute!

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Stella had her school Christmas party yesterday and came home with a present for us that her teachers obviously made. But it's still really cute:

(BTW, for some reason Blogger's decided everything I type today should be centered, not left aligned, even though left aligned is what is chosen in the toolbar. Go figure.)
Here's her latest work of art, I've really fallen behind on posting them, although she also hasn't been creating much art lately.

Her church got all "super-Jesusy" for the holidays. Tim's theory is that they started out with the religious aspect of the school all hidden and now they're dialing it up a notch now that we're all complacent. Actually, I suppose Christmas IS a religious holiday, so I will overlook the fact that they randomly added "Jesus is THE Gift" to a handprint wreath, sent Stella home with a Reindeer that had a tag that said "Jesus is 'Deer' to Me" on it, and a Candy cane that had a little poem attached about how the red in candy canes represented Jesus' blood. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a few days before I can eat a candy cane again after that one.

And, unfortunately, Stella fell while playing yesterday at school and skinned her nose. So we'll have that in the holiday pictures. But thank goodness for the Touch-up tool in Picasa 3, you can't even see the scab in the above pictures. I'll have to keep at least one or two with it in there, though, so we can remember history as it really happened;)

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