Monday, May 26, 2008

The Shelves are Up!

The shelves are all cleaned up and assembled. This is my first attempt at "merchandising" the shelves, and I'm sure it will evolve, especially as we maybe get more mid-century platters and vases and stuff that would look good on it.

Obviously we also hung the super-groovy light. I love the whole thing, I'm so glad we got it. Only bad thing is that now it makes our Ikea cabinet which is on the wall perpindicular to it look junky and over-crowded. Perhaps we will get doors for the top of that cabinet and just put books in it. Although then we have to find a home for the Metroiskas (sp?). Ah, dilemmas, dilemmas!


Jonathon Morgan said...

Looks awesome! We have the same issue -- every time we make one part of the house look nice, it makes us realize that others now look worse in comparison. Alas. :)

Kate said...

I love it! I also love the light. And I hear you about the old stuff. I don't know which IKEA shelves you have, but we're very happy with our Billy doors--we have them over the videos and now the CDs.

I think it's matryoshka? Ryan calls them, in his best oilfield accent, kamchatka dolls. We have ours spread out a little across the top of the shelves, I think.

Tara said...

Pretty cool looking, have you gotten into the locked cabinet yet?