Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend of FUN!

Well whether to make up for the potty training trap-in last week or just because we were getting stir-crazy, we made the most of the second half of last week and the 3-day weekend to get out and about! First Wednesday evening we went and saw Tim in his run, where he ran fantastically fast. Go Tim! Then Thursday Stella and I joined our playgroup at the COOLEST neighborhood pool! One of the women in our group and her family live just down the street from their neighborhood park which is seriously like a resort. There is a baby pool with just 7 inches of water and fountains, a big lap pool that is up some steps so it's easy to keep the little kids out, and a "zero entrance" pool (I think that's what they're called), that you enter gradually just like at the beach. It also has water fountains. The kids (and mamas) loved it and Stella cried when we finally left after 2 and a half hours of fun! Luckily it's going to become a weekly event!

Thursday night we "picnicked" in the back yard with a delicious dinner of P. Terry's and Lone Star. Afterwards, Stella attacked Daddy.

Then Friday we went over to Anna's, Daniel's and Georgia's for lunch and more pool (and sprinkler) fun. Stella also discovered Ball Moss which is her new favorite toy:
The rest of Friday played out pretty low key with delicious homemade fajitas and so-so margaritas from a mix at home followed by Rock Band. Saturday we were up bright and early and decided to tackle all our "have to do" stuff so we could have fun the rest of the weekend. We pulled out the remaining monkey-grass infested flower bed from the front and got the house all clean again after it had been neglected in the name of potty training, and after a trip to PlantEscape Gardens, a really awesome nursery we discovered on South First for some plants and a trip to Home Depot for some mulch,
it was back home where Tim quickly planted the plants. And Stella found a lollipop in my purse.

She was so proud of her blue tongue. We stuffed ourselves at the Tavern and put Stella to bed, then watched a great movie I have to highly recommend. It was called "Delirious" and it was by one of our favorite directors, Tom DeCillio. Really interesting movie with Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitts. You should check it out if you have the chance.

Sunday, after growing increasingly frustrated trying to find a floaty for Stella, we finally made it to McKinney Falls where Stella cemented her love of the water. She swam back and forth between Tim and I with her little water wings on. It was so cute! I don't think any of us were ready to go home, but stomachs were growling, naptime was approaching and the falls were getting more and more crowded.

After a meltdown at our little Mexican place because the food was taking too long and it was past Stella's naptime, Stella took a long nap and then we headed over to the Larsons for a delicious barbecue. Most of the usual suspects were there and we had great meat, great beer and superb conversation. Unfortunately we had to leave before we were ready because a certain munchkin was melting down, but still had a great time.

Monday, Tim's parents returned from their trip and so we were finally able to give in to Stella's incessant chanting of "Go Baba's house!". We dropped her off and had lunch, hit some vintage stores and Crate and Barrel and capped the whole thing off with an IKEA trip. There we got Stella a really cool picnic wood picnic table with benches for outside for only 20 bucks. I cannot wait to get it put together and see what she thinks of it!

Well it sounds like Stella's awake again and I've wasted yet another naptime on getting my pictures uploaded and blogging. One cool thing Stella did today: totally unprompted she got the colors of her playdough right! She said, brown, pink and green correctly. She called blue purple at first, but those are really close.

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Jooley Ann said...

Ahhhhh, those photos make my day. SO CUTE! :) Especially the blue tongue. Hee hee!