Friday, May 30, 2008

Fantastically Freakally Awesome

You have to check out this re-imagining of Metallica's Enter Sandman as a children's book over at Sweet Juniper:

You'll never look at Precious Moments figurines the same again. Speaking of Precious Moments, my cousin got married when she was just 16 and they used Precious Moments as the theme. It was so creepy going to a child's wedding, (I was two years younger and I still thought of it that way), and having there be pictures and figurines of children dressed up as a bride and groom everywhere. I think Precious Moments are only a small step above the creepy clown paintings that were so popular in the 70's. And the paintings of the creepy big-eyed kids that were also popular when we were wee.


Anonymous said...

What drug enabled clown paintings? LSD? I love seeing people on the Antiques Roadshow saying "my clown painting isn't worth anything". Fashion comes and goes. Things come back into style. But I don't think clown paintings are ever coming back. Because they are scary. Perhaps they will have a resurgence among fans of Scandinavian black metal. But they're probably too scary even for them.

Kate said...

Clowns are always scary. Oh! And while we're on the subject of clowns and fads, how about the harlequin madness when we were teenagers? I admit that I wanted to be like the cool kids and have them, but alas. We went to Venice and the real, cool masks still gave me the shivers.

That book was so funny! Frightening, but funny.

And a Precious Moments-themed wedding is truly, truly wrong. Unless you're getting married at the Precious Moments Chapel (inspired by the Sistene Chapel and visited by my own in-laws).

Kate said...

Low blood sugar.

Here's the link for the Precious Moments Chapel.