Friday, May 16, 2008

Modular shelves that sorta kinda are like ours

I know you are all DYING to see our new shelving unit, so I found some shelving units on ebay that reflect the spirit, if not the exact look of our shelving which my wonderful parents will be bringing to us next week:Ours is in three sections, not two. It has a fold out desk with sliding doors like the top shelf below, a locked bar that we weren't able to get into, a record cabinet, and a set of 4 drawers, as well as (I think) 4 open shelves.

These are pretty much all more scrumptious than ours, BUT they are also in the UK, so it's not like we could get them anyway. Everyone saves everything in the UK and they all seem to have stuff that is older than our entire country, so there's really no hope of finding stuff this cool in the US. Also, these are much smaller than ours.

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Kate said...

I can't wait to see the actual one! I think those cabinet/shelving systems are so cool!