Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our cabinets are here!

For those of you who were totally confused as to what I was talking about with the shelving unit, this post is going to clear absolutely nothing up. Because the cabinets are all on the floor of my garage, on their ends, and I just rotated the pictures to try and make them appear horizontal. Except it just makes them look like they are in an amusement park funhouse. They are still extremely dusty, need a good once over with Liquid Gold and new knobs, not to mention assembly, but here they are:

Oh, great, even though ALL the pictures are rotated properly in my files, Blogger rotated some of them back for some reason. Because blogger hates me. So turn your head to the right and squint. This is the locked liquor cabinet that we are (unfortunately) going to have to take to the locksmith to get undone, since we're pretty sure the key is locked inside:

Sweet, this one worked. This is the double-door cabinet. Have to replace those grandma pulls with something more modern:

This one did not work. Try turning your head to the left. It is a set of three drawers. I have no clue what I am going to put in them. Perhaps I will have to acquire some fancy silver placesettings or something:
The supports into which the shelves and cabinets will fit. I'm a little concerned that 1) we won't have all the hardware for this and 2) we will be balancing things in mid-air and trying to keep the supports from falling over. I'm not really looking forward to the assembly part. Can't we just skip straight to the assembled stage?:
Turn your head to the left again (damn you blogger!) This is the desk. The desk surface pulls out to be deeper and there is a drawer and the sliding door space to put stuff. And vintage dust:
Turn your head to the left. The record cabinet. Guess we'll store our oodles of records in there;) :

Two of the four shelves. The one shelf has a weird lip on it, no clue what for, perhaps so that stuff doesn't fly off? I have a feeling that every component in this thing had a very specific function when it was first created, although I have no clue what those are now!:

And if you're curious how potty-training is going. It's still going. We're both still alive, still talking to each other (Stella and I that is), and she's sleeping right now. We've had two poops in the potty, one in the panties (that was especially unpleasant) and a couple of incidents of the floor being covered in pee. I really wish we could get the whole pee in the potty thing down, but there's still tomorrow, right?


Kate said...

I kind of have an idea of the concept of how it's supposed to work, but I suspect that it will look a lot different than the picture I have in my head.

Best wishes for another day of potty training!

Tim said...

I updated my blog with a diagram of it. It looks like there's really only one way to assemble it, and that we're missing one shelf. Although, I have a feeling that the reason we're missing one is that the people who originally owned it also felt that having a shelf under a desk was really irritating.