Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Sanity Returned!

Okay, so after a discussion with Tim after I started sobbing AGAIN, followed by an email from Anna where she pointed me to a bulletin board where LOTS of people "failed" at the 3-Day method, I have decided to scrap the damn thing. Hooray! I am totally relieved. When Stella has her next accident, we're going to give her a choice between going back to cloth diapers or panties. That's it. Essentially if she doesn't go in the potty, she has to wear cloth diapers. I think it will work because she's not too crazy about cloth diapers, and if it doesn't work, I at least can let go of my guilt for creating tons of landfill trash AND I still think it will help potty training go faster when Stella is ready because she'll be able to feel the wetness. I think she thought disposables were fantastic because who cares if you're wet with fancy space-age chemicals keeping your wetness from you!

It's amazing how quickly I feel better now!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh glad to hear things are calming down and going better. Sanity is nice :)

Tara said...

Not that my sister is a model for how to raise kids or anything, but my nephew who just turned 3 in April still wears diapers.

My almost 5 year old niece is potty trained in that she doesn't pee or poop in her pants, but she still hasn't quite mastered the toilet. Only a few months ago she was still asking for help with the wiping thing, and just a few weeks ago when we were in Dallas last I hung out with my dad for the ten minutes of plunging it took to unclog the toilet after she "successfully" used it.

This being my prime exposure to kids I didn't even realize that you could teach them this young. I guess it's just another of those depends on the kid thing.

yer mama said...

I just keep the potty around for whenever henry wants to use it. We have been letting him pee like daddy into the toilet but I am not trying to go anywhere with that at this time. My mom whom, as you know, had 7 kids thinks potty training at 3 yrs is OKAY! With Henry I can see it escalating into a power struggle and I don't want to fight that fight. If he has his mind made up then it's not going to happen. Sounds like he and Stella are similar that way.

When I was sorta trying to potty train I always kept the potty on hand like in the living room, kitchen, etc. that seemed to help. However, there was an occasion where he peed while standing next to the potty despite the fact that he had peed many times in the potty. Go figure.

He also drinks a TON of milk before bed right now so I don't dare try to train yet.

Kate said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! You are amazing--what a draining three days you've had. Are you drinking a beer (or two) yet? =)

Christine said...

You are a great mother! Kids are so unique. She may resist, resist and then one day be like, oh, potty time. Do you really want a child too concerned with their poopoo? :)