Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary and "Oh, no you didn't!"

So today is Tim and I's 9th wedding anniversary. Hooray! I'd post pictures of the wedding, but we got married back in the dark ages (aka the last millenium), so I don't have digital versions of our wedding photos, sorry. It's been a great 9 years and here's to at least 9 more! (I kid, I kid!) Tonight we're going out for dinner, I have no clue where, but before then I have to go read for a part in Vestige Group's latest show, Marisol. I'm praying that traffic doesn't kill me since we're meeting at 5. It's a great script and hopefully I won't spazz out (I think I basically have the part as long as I don't suck and do fine with the guy they've already cast as my brother). It's not until the last two weeks of September, so it won't take up too much of my "lazy" summer. It does throw a curveball into some of my plans, but I don't often get asked to be in shows without a real audition, so I need to take opportunities where they are given!

This morning we went to the park to celebrate one of Stella's playgroup friend's 2nd birthday. We had a fantastic time complete with balloons, apple cake and coffee, but there was one snotty-nosed person there (there is always a snotty-nosed person, isn't there?) She's not part of our group, but was friends with the birthday boy's mother from another group he belongs to, although she's part of the larger group which our ground spawned off from (confusing, I know). I recognized her name from the group list and also from the Texas Exes magazine, which she'd just put her latest child's birth announcement in (her kids are about 19-20 months apart.) So I struck up a conversation because I knew she didn't know anyone there. First she's all like, "I live in the Arboretum and it was SOOOO far for me to drive down here." I told her I lived at Oltorf and 35 and she was like, "Oltorf, that is soooo far, that's like going to Buda!" Uh, huh, right. Actually, you just live on the north end of town. She also was quick to say that she hadn't been on I-35 in years! I guess she doesn't leave town or something. Anyway, at this point I should have just ran far far away from her and luckily she did wander off after her two-year-old. About this time, my friend tells me that Stella's been running up to anyone who would listen and telling them that she had a poopy (of course my friend told Stella to tell me but she didn't!). So I go track down Stella and I'm like, "Let's go change your diaper and then we'll come back and play." Well Ms. Better-than-everybody else hears me and is like, "How old is Stella again?" And I said she was two, she'd turned two in March (her daughter turned two in April). And she said, "And she's not potty trained yet?" I couldn't believe it! I'd NEVER had any of my friends act like that. Us South Austin Mamas are a supportive group and we don't try to out-do each other by boasting about our child's potty habits (or anything else for that matter). So I said, "No, not yet!" Cheerfully and very matter of factly. And she said, "Well, WE'RE potty trained", like it was her own personal achievement or something. So I tried to walk away from her, I really did not want to talk to her at this point anymore, she was obviously not my type and she kept walking with us as I went to get Stella's bag, "We've been potty-trained for months". So I finally said, "well, we were working on it, but she saw it basically as just play time, so I just got 3-Day Potty Training from Beth today and we're going to try that." She was so relieved! She instantly starting babbling about how she used that and how well it worked for them and it really took 5 days and how she almost gave up at 48 hours and blah blah blah. I was like, "thanks for the warning" and managed to avoid her for the rest of the time. What the hell is wrong with you if you get that wrapped up in other toddler's bathroom habits? My friend Michelle said I should have said, "actually, we're working on getting me potty trained first and then we'll worry about Stella." HA! She was shocked. Luckily this uptight woman lives too far away from our sad part of town and most likely won't be back. Thank GOD!

More cute Stella moments:

-Yesterday, out of the blue, she says "Mommy and Daddy make baby sister". Huh? did your MeMe teach you that? ;)

-Poor thing got into an ant pile and got ant bites all over her feet. She woke up in the middle of the night crying and she was lying on her tummy running the tops of her feet along the mattress to scratch them. She said, "Pappy carry to doctor?"

So we are going to read 3-Day Potty Training this weekend and commence training next week. Wish us luck. I know that meddling busy-bodies everywhere will be relieved!

Stella having fun in the water fountains at the park while her Daddy and Baba ran yesterday.


Marsha said...

Jackson will be 3 in July and isn't even interested in potty training. My pedi told me that was normal and not to force the issue. That lady sounds like she needs a life that doesn't revolve around the competition of toddlers. Geez. Let me know if the book is good, I sure am tired of changing diapers.

Kate said...

I don't completely get the location-specific comments about where she lives, but I get the idea. She seems really insecure. As if she's better if her kid was born potty trained and that makes her a better mother. And then how she actually revealed a little bit of vulnerability seemed very strange. Still, I would never have been as calm as you.

Maybe Aunt Kate & Uncle Ryan will make Stella a baby cousin sometime soon. =)