Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bad News

So it looks like the trip to Mexico isn't going to happen. We got word back from the Home Warranty people that they weren't going to cover the claim and it just seems like an irresponsible use of money to spend a couple grand on a trip when we need to spend that money to fix the A/C. Sigh. We have a lot of other expenses that keep cropping up too, so this was just the final nail in the coffin. Oh, well, on the bright side, it takes the stress off having to plan a vacation. And the Mexico books are due back to the library tomorrow anyway.

It's put me in a pretty crappy mood for today, though, I have to admit. Maybe we'll go back to Port Aransas again, that was quite nice, or we can do a road trip somewhere else. Although with the cost of gas, I don't know how much money you save on a road trip!*

I had just wanted to go somewhere special because this will probably be our last trip for a while, since it's getting to be "that time" to have Baby #2 (not that I consider that a burden or anything!). But going on trips while pregnant just isn't as much fun and it's damn near impossible for the first year when you have a little nursling. But we're not dead yet, so you never know what could happen in a few years!

Home Warranties are the biggest rip-offs I've ever heard of. I don't even know that you can get them to cover anything. I can only imagine the kick-backs everyone involved gets when you buy one. We bought one for the people who bought our old house and the sellers bought the one we have for this house.

*Actually, quite a lot. I just did the math and we could go about 7500 miles for the cost of plane tickets!

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Yvonne said...

We had a home warranty for the first year we were in our house. There were three things that came with the house that stopped working and the warranty people found ways to get out of paying for two of them. The repairmen they sent to evaluate the third never came back to actually repair the thing, and stopped answering our calls. Such a ripoff!