Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just the Updates, Mam

Stella and her second cousin Mercedes at their birthday party
I've been super-busy preparing for Stella's birthday party Saturday and ignoring the cold and rash she has that suddenly has gotten a LOT worse (the rash, not the cold. I actually called the Dr. because the rash was worse this morning). Anyway, if her cold (it's really just a runny nose with yellow snot) isn't gone by Saturday, do I have to cancel her party? Or can I just warn everyone (particularly the parents of wee ones) and they can decide if they still want to come or not? I blame Kirbyville for both the rash and the cold, but especially the cold. My cousin's husband was sick at their birthday party and yet he still came. Grr. The rash just started as a couple of tiny dots (in Kirbyville), progressed to some colorless bumps (I thought it was heat rash), and is now red patches and spreading up her torso. Great. The plan today is to drop her at Baba's while I do a bunch of shopping for her birthday, but it looks like we may be taking a detour to the doc's.

Stella pooped in the potty day before yesterday. It was very exciting, although I think it was completely by accident. Stella prefers the big toilet with her seat on it and we were hanging out there reading books and stuff (we often do this for 45 mins-an hour at a time, she REALLY likes hanging out on the toilet), and lo and behold, she pooped! Tim and I were much more excited than she was, although we played it cool and did not act too enthusiastic so as not to dampen her own pride at her achievement (this is what the pediatricians tell you to do.) Yesterday she wasn't interested in sitting on her potty at all, although she does tell me she's peed as soon as she does it. Now the next step is just getting her to tell me that BEFORE she pees. We cancelled her diaper service starting this Friday (a bit prematurely of course), so I guess we'll be doing the all disposables all the time thing soon. Hopefully not for too long, I'm ready to be done with diapers!

I bought a new camera yesterday. I didn't want to do it, but the repair on my old camera to replace the screen was going to cost about $120 and the new camera was only $180. It's a Canon, but it's a much smaller one without all the bells and whistles. I loved my old Canon, but I think part of the reason I was always dropping it was that it was too large for any camera case I could find, so I was always shoving it in my pocket. This one is the Canon Powershot SD750. I'm excited about the tiny size, I just hope it takes as good of pictures as my old A-series. It was a fantastic camera that I unfortunately am not mature enough to own.

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Kate said...

I hear you about dropping things. Luckily the big hickey on our camera is from dropping onto a bridge in Rome. Dropped by NOT ME. For once.

I'm sorry about the cold and people who come to events, especially events with children when they're sick. Not cool. I'm actually a little glad that we had plans already because I'm snotty with a sore throat and although I'm 95% sure it's allergies, I would worry about being around little ones.

Not that I'm not sad about missing the party, of course.