Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well we TRIED to Caucus

So we tried to Caucus last night (see the visual evidence over at Metroblogging taken by Tim Trentham, that's us on the right of the picture). Unfortunately we didn't meet Tim in person, we didn't know he was there! We got there at 7:15 and it was a mob scene. Ran into my friend Gary and his wife Jill and we talked to them for a while. After about 20 minutes, someone told us to split off into Clinton and Obama camps, and Tim took Stella over to the Obama line, while Gary, Jill and I moved over to the Clinton line which, unfortunately, was much shorter. Many more "Obama-bots" there than Clinton supporters and it split pretty much the way I expected: older people, women, hispanics, gays and lesbians in the Clinton line and young people and African-Americans in the Obama line. At about 15 to 8, I called Tim and said, "enough, they just said that there are still 5 more people voting, that it's going to take a long time for everyone to get signed in, and we're cancelling each other out with our votes anyway!" So he grudgingly left. If we hadn't had Stella, we might have stayed, but my friend Gary said today that chaos continued to reign and that they left about 45 minutes after we did. So I'm guessing that unfortunately a lot of people were unable to influence the caucus because it was just too disorganized. We were standing in a parking lot in the (semi-)cold for Pete's sake! I hope they do away with the caucus system, but I doubt it.

I was surprised to find this morning that my lady Hillary is still in play. This thing could go all the way to the convention, how exciting! I will vote for Obama if he is the nominee, but I am really excited to think that Hillary could still be President!


Kate said...

Haha! You guys were like us. What with the vote-canceling and all.

We couldn't go, but I heard that in a lot of places it was pretty disorganized because so many people hadn't done it before. I heard of some people having pretty organized meetings and one of my friends is an alternate delegate.

I hope it goes all the way to the convention. I would love to see an exciting convention that's more than just a rubber stamp and a pep rally.

Kate said...

P.S. Someone I work with spoke with Hillary on the phone on Friday night. For 20 minutes. She's still excited about it. Says she's very intelligent and much more human than she is when she's "on."